Fashion for Pokemon fans

Love Pokemon? Want to show it with your outfit? Good news four you then! The Japanese brand called Spinns collaborated with Pokemon, and created a cute, Pokemon themed collection.


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Band Tees

I’m almost sure everyone has a favourite band, and that band has it’s own tee for the fans. A lot of people may think “Yeah, it’s just for crazy fans, you should never wear it outside your house.” But actually, I don’t think it’s true. You can look really cool and be stylish in a band tee too! Now, I will show you some ways to style a band T-shirt.

But first, let’s learn about band T-shirt’s history.

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Shopping – Etude House

Hi everyone!

Finally, I have some time to write this post. I’m quite busy nowadays.

So, back in October I was in Tokyo for three days (I will write a post about it too!). Of course, the first place where I wanted to go was Shinjuku. There is a department store, called Lumine Est. It’s nothing special actually, but I had my reason why I wanted to go there. They have an Etude House shop there!


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My first month in Japan

Hi Everyone!

I’m really sorry for the late update, I was super busy in the last two months.

As you may know, if you happened to read my previous posts, I am now in Japan, and learning at a university in Chiba prefecture. I arrived to Japan on the 4th of September, so it’s almost two months, but a lot of thing happened already. The first day in the school, scholarship receiving ceremony in Tokyo with my speech, a weekend in Tokyo, which was one of the best things in my life, the wellness festival in the school…

It probably would be so long to write everything here, so I will just write a short report.

Do you know the feeling, when you dream about something for years, and think it will never come true, but somehow, finally it does. If you know what I mean, then you know how I felt when my plane landed at Narita airport. I saw the sign “Welcome to Japan” with my own eyes, but I couldn’t believe I’m really here. Is it just a dream, or what?


Actually, I have never flight in my life. I always said how funny would it be if my first flight will be to Japan but I have never imagine it will come true.

I wasn’t really afraid of flight, I just really hate sitting for a long time. I can’t even sit for three hours on the train, when I’m going back to my hometown. So this twelve hours were really hard. And I couldn’t even sleep!

The moment, when I stepped to the Japanese land… I will never forget that feeling. It was so unreal. Am I really here? Is it really happening? I just looked around, and everything was Japanese. The people, the taxi, the trees, the sky, the air, everything… Finally I am here!

With my new flatmate, we spent the first week with shopping to our new home, and trying to used to the Japanese life. The first shopping took so long time, because for me everything was amazing, so I had to check everything in the shop (plus it was hard to decide what to buy and where).

But now, I’m already used to this new life, and I’m looking forward for this one year.

Style up! #7 – Danger

So, since I’m (almost) addicted to Kpop, and in love with SHINee (Korean boyband), I really like to observe their style.

Today’s fashion point is Lee Taemin’s style in his solo debut music video called “Danger”. The video has a dark feeling, with a lot of dark clothes, leather, platform shoes, and Versus Versace clothes. The darkish clothes match well with the powerfull dance moves! 


You can watch the official video here, to see Taemin’s amazing style! (Actually the whole video is amazing, I can’t stop watching it <3)


red sequin blazerblack topleather jeansplatform shoes1black blazershirtjeans necktie platform shoes2